Photos Teguise

Photos Teguise

Teguise, the old capital of Lanzarote until 1852, has become one of the main tourist and cultural centres on the island. Its streets with their palaces, convents and squares stand witness to the passing of the centuries with their 1001 stories.

Teguise sits in the centre of the island, 10km from the coast and at some 220m above sea level. Skirmishes between Christians and Moors and pirate attacks, among other events, have played out in this regal village.

Teguise offers its visitors an excellent museum for its great artistic wealth, beautifully arranged in a single space tinged with an extraordinary medieval flavour. The elements of Canary architecture bathed in white reach their height here.

During the 1980´s a strong campaign was initiated to rehabilitate and restore Teguise and resulted in the town being declared an Architectural Historic Site; acknowledging it as one of the oldest towns in the Canaries where the most noble and celebrated chapters in Lanzarotes history have been written.

The Villa de Teguise, a major tourist and cultural centre, becomes the main attraction every Sunday.

It hosts the largest outdoor flea market on the island where you can find all kinds of goods at reasonable prices. It´s held every Sunday morning and always attracts large crowds. Crafts, textiles, art, decorations, curiosities, food. It´s the perfect place to buy your gifts and souvenirs.