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Carnival in Lanzarote

The carnival is defined as a public celebration that takes place immediately before the Christian Lent, with a date variable that can range from late January until early March depending on the year. This festival combines some elements that make it unmistakable, as costumes, parades and festivities on the street. It was also well known to some festivals of a similar nature at any stage of the year. Despite many of the big differences that presents its celebration throughout the world, a common characteristic is to be a period of permissiveness and some slippage.

Fiesta de Nuestra Señora del Carmen 

This celebration takes place in several municipalities of Lanzarote, especially in the coastal areas, because La Virgen del Carmen is the protector of the island’s sailors.

During this celebration the fishermen adorn the image of their Patron Saint and then take her out by boat to cross the sea, invoking her protection. This festival is celebrated annually every July 16th.

Fiesta de San Ginés 

The Patron Saint Festivities in honor of San Ginés are one of the most traditional and participative festival celebrations of the Island, until becoming Declared Festivals of National Tourist Interest in 1965. It is celebrated in the capital, Arrecife during the second week of August in honor of the Patron Saint, San Ginés. It is about thirteen days of celebration, in which locals and visitors enjoy a multitudinous festival in which there are parades, tastings and various musical and theatrical acts. Also at night fireworks are burned

The best thing of all is that the children do not remain oblivious to this festival, because they have the opportunity to recreate participating in various children’s competitions. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most interesting events that take place in Lanzarote, since people of all ages can have fun.

Romería de Los Dolores 

The Festivity to “Our Lady of Sorrows” begins on September 14 with devotion, joy and respect. It is a pilgrimage that runs from all points of the island to the hermitage of Mancha Blanca, where the Church of Los Dolores is located, one of the few that survived the volcanic eruption that devastated several towns. This tradition is one of the oldest in Lanzarote that has been maintained for more than three centuries.

In relation to this celebration, the legend says that the hermitage was in the passage of the burning lava, but that thanks to the prayers of three nuns, this kind of volcanic stone river changed course.

Festividad de San Roque

With this festivity Tinajo is the town that hosts the San Roque festival that is celebrated on August 16, in order to commemorate San Roque. During this event the inhabitants of the neighborhoods meet in the Plaza de San Roque, where various activities are held, such as parades and tastings.

Festividad de San Juan Bautista 

This festivity takes place in the Plaza de la Constitución, in the municipality of Haría, with the purpose of honoring its Patron Saint (San Juan Bautista).

During all the weekends of the month of July the inhabitants of the neighborhoods meet in the aforementioned place, because beforehand they have organized a series of recreational activities, especially for children. Although it should be noted that the main attraction of these parties are the stalls where local food is served, as well as sweet desserts, etc.

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