Beautiful Holiday Lanzarote

Beautiful Holiday Lanzarote




Haría is a town in the north of Lanzarote which is noted for being one of the greenest on the island. This is because here you can find most of the island’s vegetation and endemic species, with it being an area of particular interest for fans of hiking trails, the countryside, and nature.


Haría is also known as the Valle de las Mil Palmeras (The Valley of a Thousand Palm Trees), so you will not be disappointed by how many of these trees you’ll find there. As soon as you arrive you will notice the abundance of palm trees on the sides of the valley, making for some truly spectacular views for your visit. These can be seen from the Helechos viewpoint, before arriving to Haría.

In Haría you can find one of the houses that the artist César Manrique used to live in during his time on the island. It is open to the public and is a must-see for anyone visiting this town to take in some of the painter and architect’s more traditional quirks.

The main square is in the centre of town and is the perfect spot to take a relaxing break, enjoy a coffee, and take in the tranquillity that flows through the streets. There you’ll find locals enjoying an afternoon stroll and playing cards or dominos. They’ll make you feel like one of them thanks to their kind and welcoming nature.

As is commonly seen on the island, Haría also hosts a market which you can see every Saturday morning in the same square and its surrounding streets. It specialises in local crafts and fresh produce. 

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