Beautiful Holiday Lanzarote

Beautiful Holiday Lanzarote


Nationalpark Timanfaya


At over 50 square kilometres, Timanfaya is home to a wide range of geological specimens and plant species. It is a completely uninhabitable area, and it was formed by eruptions in 1730 and 1736. Within the park itself there are plenty of activities:

Volcano Trail

Discover the geothermal quirks of this area and delve deeper into the soul of our land on this 14 kilometre trail which takes you through the different craters that can be found in the Timanfaya National Park. 

The trail is within the park itself and is a great activity if you want to discover the different types of lava or volcanic caves. You can also visit the Montañas de Fuego, the Caldera de Corazoncillo or the Montaña Rajada.


The Timanfaya National Park is open to the public from 9:30 to 15:45. As a recommendation, the ideal time to visit the Park is after 13:00, as that is when it can be enjoyed in all its glory.  

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